Great Lakes Brewery—Ohio City Downtown

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Food—My choice for the night was one that came highly recommended by our waiter.  It was a burger seasoned with Cajun spices topped with Swiss cheese and lettuce. I requested that burger was cooked to a medium temperature and I also got the sweet potato fries instead of the regular ones.   The food was a big hit.  The burger was awesome.  I don’t know how else to say it!  It was seasoned perfectly.  Not too spicy, but just enough Cajun spice that it kept your tongue a little hot.  The Swiss cheese was a perfect complement because of its flavor against the Cajun spices.  It worked perfectly together.  The Burger was also cooked to a perfect medium temperature which left it super juicy inside, but not dripped juice everywhere while I ate.  They seared the burger on the outside first to lock those juices and it worked like a charm.   The sweet potato fries were drizzled with honey and they were really good as well.  There wasn’t anything left on my plate when my meal was over. The moral of the food story was that everyone loved their food and there was not one complaint at our table at all about the food taste or quality!  4.75/5

Drinks—Being a brewery I expected great things in terms of fresh quality brews, I was not let down.   First, I started with the Nosferatu, and followed that up with the Commodore Perry IPA and finally the Burning River Pale Ale.   I also had a good sample of the Wright Pils as well.   The CraftBeer Review Page has in-depth write ups about all 4 beers. All of the beers were fresh and that is what you’d expect at a place like Great Lakes.  There wasn’t a hint of other beer mixed with another like I’ve experienced at some breweries who might get a little lazy washing out their tanks.  These beers were top notch and with 10 freshly brewed beers available, what more can you ask for.  5/5.

Wright Pils

Burning River Pale Ale

Commodore Perry IPA


Overall-–Our service was excellent.  Our waiter was not only quick to bring food and drinks, but he was also extremely helpful in recommending top quality food.  We also liked that our dishes were cleared quickly when we were finished eating.  We choose to sit outside because the weather was beautiful last night.  The patio is very nice and not overcrowded or loud.  There is also an awesome gift shop with t-shirts, glasses, posters…basically you name it they have it with Great Lakes on it.  I was lucky enough that I got a really cool Christmas Ale glass for the upcoming season!  Great Lakes is a place that I’ll go back to for sure because of the great food, great service and great beers.  5/5

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Fat Head’s Saloon in North Olmsted

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Food—My choice for the evening was the Buffalo/Parmesan flavored Wings and the Big Kahuna Pizza.   The wings were slightly larger than your average wing and cooked to perfection.  The meat was very moist and there was not a lot of fat on the wings either.  The Buffalo/Parmesan flavoring was very good.   First they flavor the wings in their medium hot buffalo sauce and then finish them off by tossing them in Parmesan cheese.   I’ve eaten wings at some of the best places in Ohio and PA, and these wings could hold their own hands down.  The Buffalo sauce had a good kick to it that left your lips a little hot.  What was great about having the Parmesan on them as well was that the Parmesan really cut the spice and added different texture to the wing.  I was a big fan of this combination, but I would have liked a little less Parmesan on the wings.  I felt that too much Parmesan took away a little from the overall taste.  That was also the consensus at my table.

The Big Kahuna Pizza was a Pizza topped with chicken, ham, pineapple, red onions, black olives and mozzarella and provolone cheese.   It was then topped with mild buffalo wing sauce.    The crust on the pizza was cooked to perfection and the combination of toppings together was very good.  The sweet and spicy complemented each other very well on this pizza.  I just wish they would have diced up the ingredients a little smaller so that they could be tasted in each and every bite.  4/5

Drinks—The selection of beers here is top notch.  They brew almost every type of beer you could want and they also have a great “guest” list of beers that they have available from other microbreweries.  I had the following beers during this trip to Fat Heads:  The Hop JuJu Imperial IPA is super hoppy and very strong!  I loved it.  The Head Hunter IPA is less hoppy but still every bit as good.  A top IPA in the country!   The Cask Conditioned Head Hunter was just OK.  I like the added carbonation in beer and the cask conditioned really doesn’t have that.   More details on these beers can be found by clicking on the name link or by going on my CraftBeer Review Page.  If you are a beer lover this place is a MUST go to in Cleveland!  5/5

Hop JuJu Imperial IPA

Head Hunter IPA

Cask Conditioned Head Hunter IPA

Overall—The atmosphere of the brewery is very fun and upbeat, but the 4 of us that went were able to hold a conversation very easily even though it was very busy.   We only had to wait 15 minutes  for a table which was short considering how busy it really was.  Our waiter was top notch. We never had an empty glass and he was always quick to return to our table to check on us.  I really liked that before he left with our orders he always repeated what we had ordered to confirm our order.   We all really appreciated that! The restaurant and the service get a perfect score in everyone’s’ opinion last night!  5/5

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B-Spot Burgers in Woodmere

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Yo! Burger

B-Spot is owned by Cleveland Iron Chef Michael Symon.  The theme of B-Spot is gourmet burgers and good craftbeers.   The seating area is somewhat limited which can have you waiting because B-Spot is usually pretty busy because the food is so good.   The bar area provides a good amount of seating and you can even eat at the bar if you’d like.   
Food—This is all about Burgers and Fries and B-Spot is spot on.  I had the “YO” burger.  It comes with fried salami, capicola, hot peppers, provolone cheese, and a house made hot sauce.  The level of spiciness was just right for me (I do like things spicy though.)  I really like how the house made hot sauce enhanced the already naturally spicy flavor of the capicola (which is an Italian hot ham.)  The burgers were cooked to the ordered temperature of Medium and they were well proportioned, I’d guess around 1/3-1/2lb patties. Even though fries don’t come with the burger you have to get the Lola Fries. Rosemary and Sea Salt on thinly cut fries never tasted so good. You can easily eat 1-2 baskets of fries regardless of the price! 5/5

DrinksThe craftbeer selection here is excellent for such a small bar/restaurant.  A craftbeer drinker could stay here all evening and have a great time! Some of the craftbeers I had were: Dogfish Head Apricot Ale–An IPA that is brewed with Apricots, Bear Republic Racer 5–Another IPA, excellent flavor and hops combination, Brew Free or Die 21st Amendment Brewery–An IPA in a can…yes a can!  Great IPA and even better if you can find it somewhere on draft.  All were excellent!! Reviews of the Beer can be found on my CraftBeer Review Page. 5/5

Overall—If I had to nitpick one thing it would be the service.  Our server was a little slow in getting things like our order, our waters, and then our food.  It wasn’t horrible, but then again not great.   I’m a fan of the atmosphere at B-Spot.   There are some options for seating that are shared, meaning you could be sitting right next to some strangers.  I personally don’t mind that, but for some this could be a put off.  That being said you’ll definitely see me back at the B-Spot again soon because the food really does speak for itself! 3.75/5