My wife and I love eating great food and drinking amazing craft beer.  I  enjoy sharing those experiences with friends, family and other food and craft beer lovers.  When I’m not talking about food and beer, chances are I’m doing something that revolves around sports!  I’m a huge Indians and Browns fan, and I really enjoy working out, biking and playing golf!
How did Cleveland Food and Brews Start?? Even though I have had a passion for food and beer all of my life I didn’t start writing about it until the beginning of September of 2010.  I started this journey one night while out to dinner with two very close friends and my wife.  The four of us chatted about how much I love food and beer and they suggested that I should consider writing about it.   The next day Cleveland Food and Brews was born.

100% of the thoughts and opinions expressed are my own, and all reviews are written with 100% full disclosure.  I hope you enjoy what I have to say!

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