5 Features that’s a must for every kitchen faucet in restaurants

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There are numerous Kitchen Faucets to choose from depending on their design and features but there are some functionalities which are more important than the others.

If your kitchen faucet comes with a few basic features but is still lacking the important functions, then it is really not much use to you. What features should you look for in your Kitchen Faucet? If you’re looking to buy one now then you should definitely look into some top rated kitchen faucets before you get one.

Here are a few features and functions which you just cannot miss out on:

Tough Finishes

A great feature to have, if your faucet comes with a chrome finish or a stainless steel metal finish then your faucet is bound to be more durable and won’t easily rust or corrode.

It is usually available on all faucets and provides your faucet with a shining, non-scratch surface which not only looks great in your kitchen but also helps in prolonging its life.

So it would be better if you choose a faucet which has a finishing which protects it from scratching and stains and makes your faucet more durable.

Constant Temperature Setting

Some single-handle faucets come with a temperature setting which ensures that your faucet provides you the same temperature water after you have shut it off.

This is particularly helpful when you need to use your faucet at regular intervals and want to save yourself from the whole trouble of setting the temperature every time you open your faucet.

Spray/Stream Settings

Another great feature to have in your faucet is the ability to switch from spray setting to the stream setting by just pushing a small button. This button allows you to choose a setting and provides you with the same setting until you switch to the other one.

This can be really helpful when you need to clean several dishes. You can first spray them with water to remove the food pieces and once you have them soaped them up, you can switch to the stream setting to gently rinse them clean.

Magnetic Lock

This feature is extremely useful if you are going to a pull-out or pull-down faucet. Once you pull the faucet nozzle out of the base, the nozzle retracts back to the base but doesn’t get fixed in position. In such instances, the magnetic lock can prove beneficial by connecting the nozzle securely back in place.

High Arc Spouts

This is one of the most useful features that your Kitchen Faucet can have as with this functionality you can spray water to a greater distance and clean utensils which are farther away from the sink with great ease.

This feature comes handy when you have a huge pile of dishes to clean and you have no space in your sink to keep the dirty dishes, you can then use this long-ranged spout to clean dishes which are kept farther away from the sink without any difficulty.

Another great thing about high arc spouts is that they come with a flexible neck which can be rotated from 90 to 180 degrees which further helps in the cleaning process.

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