Time for a Break, But Not Really!!

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As you can see by the date of the last post I’ve been on a break.  I should have posted this a few months ago, but that break is because there is a new addition to our Food and Brews family!   I’ll be taking an extended break from directly blogging on this site, however, there are still many ways in which I’m sharing my passion for food and beer via social media on a daily basis.

1. Follow me on Twitter @CleFoodandBrews.  I’m constantly posting about food, beer and supporting Cleveland!

2. Join the Cleveland Craft Beer Community Page on Facebook.  Here you can post and read about beer, and learn about just how great we have it here in Cleveland in terms of high quality, award winning craft beer!

3. Follow me on Instagram.  As you can guess, I post pictures of tasty food and beers!

Between these three social media outlets you’ll be able to hear from me and communicate with me way more often than I would ever be able to do on this site!

Thanks for all of your support!