Harvest Kitchen and Lounge in Solon

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This past weekend we took our good friends Jenna and Andrew out to celebrate their wedding since we kinda were in Hawaii during their wedding!   I picked Harvest Kitchen and Lounge because I’ve wanted to go there for quite some time now and this was the perfect opportunity to try it out.

Our waiter went over the menu with us and pointed out some of his favorite dishes.  There were so many choices that caught our attention, it was hard to pick.  I opted for the special fish of the day, which was a crab crusted Alaskan halibut.  I ordered it with spicy braised greens and of course some duck fat fries and garlic aioli.  I was not disappointed at all with anything on my plate.  The piping hot fish was cooked perfectly and the crispy crab crust added just enough texture and flavor without taking anything away from the fish. The braised greens were just mildly spicy, but that is a good thing since the fish did come with a curry based sauce that had some real kick to it. The garlic aioli that came with the fries was outstanding and it was hard to not finish every last fry!   I was a big fan of my dish, and so was our friend Jenna who also ordered the same dish.  If you see this on the menu again, I would highly recommend it.

My wife ordered the hanger steak with duck fat roasted fingerling potatoes and salsa verde. The steak was cooked to medium as she had ordered it, but since it was presliced by the time her dish had arrived at our table the plate was hotter than the actual steak. The steak was not cold, but we both agreed it was lukewarm at best.  Fortunately, this was not a deal breaker because the seasoning on the steak and the flavor was great.  The salsa verde that came with it really had a well-balanced kick to it and did not overpower any other flavors on the dish. The potatoes were simply delicious with the savory and slightly crispiness the duck fat added. I would order this dish again, but simply would ask that my steak be left unsliced.

Our friend Andrew ordered the grilled ribeye. When he was finished, his plate did the speaking for him…it was empty!  The steak was cooked just as he had ordered it. Thanks to his kindness, I can tell you that it tasted amazing.  The overall temperature of the steak was also much warmer than the hanger steak as well.

Harvest offers a large wine list and a fully stocked bar.  What we all appreciated most about the drink menu was the large selection of craft beer.  They had around 40 different bottles and 4 draft selections which included a 3Floyds handle and a Jolly Pumpkin handle.  For only $8 you can get a flight of all four draft brews and the 4oz pours were much closer to 6oz which made the deal even better.   I was very pleased to find a very fresh keg of 3Floyds Dreadnaught on tap, something not too common around Cleveland.   Cheers to Harvest for putting some very good craft beer on the menu to go with some very good food!

Atmosphere and Service
Harvest is a warm and inviting place that makes you feel very comfortable.  I feel like I could walk in and have a beer at the bar, take my wife out for a fancy date night, or even head out to the patio for some small plates with friends.   Either way, Harvest really has done well with the space!   Our service for the night was excellent.  Our waiter was knowledgeable about the menu, and was quick to move from table to table.

Good food + great beer list + inviting atmosphere + friendly service = we will be back for dinner again!

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