Emerging Chefs Garden Party Recap

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It has been a few months since we last attended an Emerging Chefs event. When we heard that Chef Jeff Jarrett was on board for Garden Party, we knew we didn’t want to miss this event.

Our dinner started with shaved lonzino, which is dry-cured pork loin, and some pork rillette fennel mustard mortadella.  This assortment was shared with the whole table and was actually prepared by Chef Melissa Khoury who will be doing the upcoming May Emerging Chefs event.

The first official course of the night was Spring Pea Soup.  This came topped with ramp creme fraiche, lemon oil, and pea tendrils.  The freshness of the peas used to make this soup was immediately apparent.  The soup was lightly seasoned, which was perfect because the combination of the peas, creme fraiche, and amazing lemon oil was a crowd favorite!
The second course of the evening was Mushroom Mousse.  It came with a tart cherry compote, micro fennel, and grilled bread  The mushroom taste in the mousse was actually pretty light. The sweetness from the compote was a great complement to the earthy mushroom flavor.  The best combination was to spread a bit of the mousse on the bread and top it with a few of the cherries. I don’t care for mushrooms, but I really enjoyed this dish.
Our third course for the evening was Goat Cheese Gnocchi.  The goat cheese used to make the gnocchi came from Lake Erie Creamery.  There was also pork belly croutons, asparagus, drunk fig jam (figs soaked in red wine and then pureed), and pepper-crest.   The goat cheese gnocchi was good, but a little too dense and the flavor of the goat cheese really didn’t come through as much as we would have thought.  The pork belly was very tasty and a bit on the smokey side.   The fresh asparagus and greens were a nice addition that helped to lighten up the dish a bit.
Our fourth course was Sous-vide lamb loin was paired with farro, fresh peas, cauliflower puree, and a bit of truffle oil.   The lamb was absolutely perfect in terms of temperature, texture, and seasoning.  I’ve never eaten farro before, but after tonight I’ll be actively seeking it out.  The farro, pea, and cauliflower puree was simply amazing. It was creamy with a hint of sweetness from the peas, and the farro added a great texture.  This was my favorite course of the night!
Our fifth and final course was the dessert round.  For dessert we had baked apple barley pudding, with a cinnamon tuile, and Snowville creamery anglaise.  This desert was simply delectable.   The use of the barley added so much texture to the baked apples and cinnamon.  The entire table sort of went silent while we all cleaned our bowls of this wonderful dessert!
The decor for this event was different from other Emerging Chefs events. The AMP150 vibe was the main focus of the event. The Garden Party theme was very apparent in each course but did not shine through with the venue. Another slight change from the usual Emerging Chefs events was the courses were not paired with cocktails but the price of the tickets remained the same as previous events with drink pairings. Overall, Chef Jarrett and his crew did a great job preparing fresh garden style food.  We all loved how he took time to go around to each and every table to discuss the dishes.
The next Emerging Chefs event, Snout to Tail,  will be taking place on May 24th and will feature
Melissa Khoury of Washington Place Bistro and Inn.
Get your tickets today at: http://hops.me/52i9
Disclosure: A single Media Pass was provided for me.  My fiancee’s ticket was paid for with our own funds.   All thoughts and opinions expressed in this review are 100% our own. 

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