Yellow Brick Pizza in Columbus, Ohio

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Yellow Brick Pizza, won best new restaurant in Columbus in 2011.  I wanted to go to see if the pizza really lived up to that honor.  I also read they had 16 beers on tap. When you put good pizza with good craft beer, you have a must try in my eyes.

We arrived at the restaurant around 7pm on a Saturday night and had no problems grabbing a table.  While looking over the menu, we realized this place takes its pizza pretty seriously.   They had 20 specialty pizzas to choose from in addition to the 26 toppings you could use to make whatever pizza you wanted.   We asked our waitress what the most popular pizzas were. She gladly told us about several of them in detail.  Our table of 4 decided we wanted to try a few different pizzas, so we started off by ordering two medium pizzas.  The first was the Charles’ Red Hot Pie. This was a red sauce based pizza that came topped with chicken, spicy Buffalo sauce, and a bit of ranch.  The flavors of this pizza were intense.  Spicy Buffalo sauce, creamy ranch, a flavorful red sauce all combined to make one delicious pizza.  The crust on the pizza was crispy and flavorful, not too thin, and not too thick either.

The second pizza we ordered was the Big O.  This pizza came with red sauce and was topped with feta, artichoke hearts, spinach, fresh tomato, garlic, and red onions.  The crust on this pizza was cooked just as perfectly as the first.  It was crispy and medium in terms of thickness. The fresh spinach really stood out on every bite, along with the salty feta and red onions.  This pizza actually paired well with the spicy pizza because alternating slices between the two gave me a break from the spiciness of the Red Hot Pie!

The four of us had no problems eating two medium pizzas so we decided to order one more!  We decided to do a half and half that we designed ourselves for our final pizza.  We started with the base of a white pizza and added banana peppers to half, broccoli to the other half and sundried tomatoes to the whole thing.  Again this pizza was flavorful and cooked to perfection.  By the end of the 3rd medium pizza, the 4 of us were full!

The average cost for a medium pizza was around $12-$15.   All of the pizza’s had fresh ingredients and all of the pizza’s were cooked perfectly.  Our entire table was satisfied and we would gladly go back again for pizza because they had some other very appealing specialty pizzas that we didn’t have room to try!  Pizza done this well gets them a 5/5!

When you think of a pizza place, you don’t always think of them having great craft beer.  Well, Yellow Brick Pizza chances that thought process rather quickly.   They offer 16 quality craft beers on tap in addition to a bottle list that is large and well organized.   Brooklyn, Sierra Nevada, Founders and Avery were just a few of the many options available.  They also had a special running on Sierra Nevada Torpedo and Victory Prima Pils and Sunshine for only $3.00 a bottle.  Good selection of draft beer and bottles, plus reasonable prices nets this restaurant a score of 4.5/5.

Atmosphere and Service
Right when you walk into Yellow Brick Pizza, you are greeted with a delicious pizza aroma and an open kitchen layout.  Everything was bright with a modern twist. It had a pub-like feel but also felt like a good old family pizza place.  Our server was very helpful  by suggesting the best selling pizzas. She took our order quickly and the pizza was out in a good amount of time. Our service was pretty good but nothing over the top. Overall our experience was a good one, and I’d love to go back to try some of their other specialty pizzas.  3.5/5

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