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My fiancee and I made a trip to Columbus for the day on Saturday to visit  friends. While we were down there, she made some plans to try on wedding dresses.  It was my job to find a place for my buddy Steve and I to crash while the girls were off looking at dresses.  We decided to try Bodega on 1044 North High Street.  Before the girls left we all decided to get a small bite to eat since we wouldn’t be eating dinner until much later.
I decided to go with a small plate of the Mac and Cheese. It was made with parmesan, cheddar and goat cheese, and topped with panko breadcrumbs.  There were also a strong rosemary presence and a little bit of crushed red pepper.  The pasta was cooked perfectly and the crunch from the panko added some texture to this very creamy dish.  I like rosemary, but my fiancee commented that for her it would have been a little too much.  Also, I was surprised that this dish lacked salt. It was a tasty dish overall and a good portion size for only $5!

My fiancee ordered the large Bodega house salad. It was made up of romaine lettuce, a few slices of grape tomatoes, cucumber, red onion, feta cheese, and a cracked black pepper vinaigrette.  It also came with lightly toasted flat bread.  All of the ingredients in the salad were fresh and the black pepper vinaigrette was delicious. The portion size of the salad for $7 was also very reasonable.

This food review is a mini take on what Bodega has to offer.  The panini sandwiches and pizza that are also available looked great. I hope that during our next trip to Columbus to stop back and try some other menu items.

The craft beer selection was the real reason we stopped at Bodega.  They have 50 taps available and the selection of beer both on tap and on their bottle list is quite amazing.  They also offered 1 cask beer along with 5 of their 50 taps being nitro!  Beers like Southern Tier Pumpking, Smuttynose Pumpkin Ale, and Avery Imperial Oktoberfest were all available.   If craft beer is not your thing, they also have a very large liquor selection which helps them to offer a great mixed drink list.

Atmosphere and Service
The atmosphere at Bodega is easy going and friendly.  It is located in a building that was once a car shop and then a coffee shop!  The feel of the exposed brick and plenty of natural light make this a great place to hang with your friends. Bodega really stood out because of the service.  It is one thing to have a killer beer selection, but it is another when you are knowledgeable and willing to talk about the beer with your customers.   The bartenders are Bodega were some of the best and most friendly bartenders I’ve come across in my search for craft beer.  Their passion for craft beer was clear. They were happy to talk about what they were offering and what was on deck. Outside of the beer knowledge our food came out in a reasonable time and we were checked on several times to see how our food was.

Simply put, Bodega is a craft beer gem in downtown Columbus.  With 50 taps, great service, and a food menu that is going to be expanding soon it wouldn’t surprise me to see Bodega be the hottest bar in Columbus!

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